Several hours away before my flight to Singapore…

After months of being excited about this great adventure, now it’s time to be emotional. Living and working for the next 8 months there is like a dream come true, but when it comes to real facts, the dreamy side of this experience fades away.

There’s an inner battle that will not come to an end for sure once I set foot on Asian land: the thrill of a new beginning, sadness for leaving home and my close ones, the excitement of a new stage in my career, fear of the unknown, and the list can continue.

Saying Good bye to everyone and packing is definitely not my favorite thing to do, but I bet that this will be one of the great events in my life. And above all, I am grateful for it. Being hopeful and optimistic has always been a good strategy, and this is what I’m choosing again. Things could be kind of great after all. 😉

So let the games begin!



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