the Arrival

After many hours on the road (well, in the air) I finally arrived to Singapore. The thing that struck me from the moment I got off the plane was the heat. Leaving Bucharest when there were only 4 degrees C and find here a much more elevated temperature was a (nice) shock.

At the customs I spent only 3-5 minutes and with a new stamp on my passport, I was truly ready to begin this journey.

Seeing Christmas decorations in trees was a bit weird, I have to admit. Beaches, flip flops, flowers and christmassy things don’t mix well in my mind. Not yet!

I haven’t seen much from the airport to the hotel, but I did like what I’ve seen: parks, skyscrapers and lots of shopping centers. 🙂 This is the place to be if shopping is your cardio.

Even though it has been raining for almost the entire afternoon, it’s not that kind of rain that saddens you. It’s just refreshing drops that don’t prevent you from talking a walk in the park or jogging.

All in all, I do like my new home for the following months. And I’m lucky enough to have some great folks who care about my wellbeing here and volunteer to take me out, show me around and share great tips about places to check out.



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