Fun Day on the Island

The morning started really well. Today I finally went to the office, and because I wanted to prove myself that I can do anything I want to, I chose to take the bus over hailing a cab. So I prepared my journey in advance, I knew the departure and arrival bus stops and the number of stops in between. Plus I had the app that showed my itinerary. It may seem a little too much, but this is what I needed.

So I checked on my app how much time I have left until the next bus arrives, left the apartment 5 minutes earlier and I was off. Turns out that you also have to hail the bus. The driver doesn’t stop unless you hail them. So once on the bus, I started counting the stops (14 in total). But after a couple of minutes I realized that the bus missed 2 stops. No one was there, so no stop. Makes sense, right? Needless to say that there was no wifi and my mobile net wasn’t working. Sometimes you just need to go back to basics and have on you a more traditional map.

All in all, I got to the office in time and had a great day.

The icing on the cake was that I spent a great evening with my colleagues and friends. I was amazed  and literally speechless in front of the view to the Marina Bay Sands, the laser show and Singapore in general.

Drinks, good food, good humor – what else do you need to start a fabulous weekend?


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