Kinokuniya or Readers’ Heaven

In an attempt to feel better after catching a cold and still with a soar throat, I decided to check out Kinokuniya – a well known bookshop in Singapore. One friend highly recommended it and allured me saying that there’s a great offering of books, good coffee and also you can just pick a quiet spot on the floor and start reading your favorite book.

Seeing the prices of some of the books, I understood why so many people were on the floor, reading. They just decided to give up the comfort of their couch so that they enjoy their favorite book at no cost.

I don’t consider myself an avid reader, but I do love books and bookshops. I could spend an entire afternoon in such a place. So I was like a kid in a candy shop. The size of Kinokuniya impressed me. So many books, from thrillers to manga comic books, cooking, travel, fiction, science… A lot of options. In case you’re looking for a specific book that you couldn’t find until now, I bet this is the place where you can buy it from.

And after all the reading and book buying, you can stop by the cafe that’s inside the shop and have a nice cup of coffee or grab a bite. The perfect place to enjoy your new acquisitions. Just make sure you find a seat!

Another option would be to go to Paul, the cafe right next to the bookshop. It’s utterly French, they have good coffee, a great raspberry tart and huge macarons. Don’t be surprised if there’s a long line of folks waiting to get a table.

Sometimes a good desert is worth the wait.


You can find Kinokuniya at the Takashimaya Shopping Centre, on 391 Orchard Road. 


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