My First Hot Yoga Class

I blame my drive to do something new every day for the moment when I offered to join a friend to a hot yoga class*. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s a regular yoga class that takes place in a heated room. Since a bunch of us were beginners and the instructor didn’t want to see us faint, we enjoyed stretching and working out at only 37 degrees Celsius. The normal temperature for such a session is around 41 degrees C. 

One small tip if you decide to go for it: don’t go with a friend and don’t stay at the back of the room. You’ll just laugh at each other, and seeing that most people in the room have a hard time keeping a pose doesn’t make it easier. Or should you go with a friend and laugh at the back of the room? hmm…

It’s not easy and you’ll sweat a lot, but it feels good afterward. Don’t forget to bring your big bottle of water and enjoy the benefits. And one more thing I learnt: after the class, buy a coconut and drink the water. Plain water will do the trick too. Don’t go for ice cream, juice or beer!

And getting there was also fun: my friend showed me Bugis Street. Another shopping location in Singapore. Surprised? Only when you see the very affordable prices for knick-knacks. Nearby I also got the chance to see a beautiful Chinese temple, an Indian temple (right next to the first one) and an Arab mosque. All in just a half an hour walk.

*A big Thank You to Ed and Jacqueline for this lovely evening! Yoga and tourism in one big fun package.


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