My Balinese Experience

In Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert went to Italy to eat and just enjoy life, and in Bali she found her love. Ever since I read the book and saw the movie I wanted to go to Bali. I was fascinated by that unmistakable green of rice fields, the Indian Ocean and the exotic experience. And out of that 3-part journey, the last part was my favorite.

So together with some friends, we switched Gilbert’s Love with Eat and began our Balinese adventure. Four amazing days followed and we all already miss that beautiful place. We rented a really nice villa, so we spent most of the time around the pool, planning the meals for the day and choosing the best restaurants. What else can you do over a long weekend in Bali, right?

I can honestly say that for me le coup de foudre was Ku De Ta. Right by the beach, amazing view of the sunset, great music, delicious cocktails and 8 to 12 course meals. Who can say no to that? I loved the food and the fact that the staff was so nice. One lady even thanked me in Romanian. We had a wonderful 3-hour dinner and built some nice memories. I will definitely go back there, and highly recommend the place, even if it’s a bit pricey.

Another place I recommend you check out if you’re in Seminyak is Potato Head Beach Club (no, it’s not a joke). You’ll fall in love with the infinity pool vanishing in the ocean and probably with the bar  that’s conveniently located in the pool. One of the best places to admire the sunset when it’s not a cloudy day. Make sure you don’t fall in the ‘tourist trap’ disguised as a posh boutique when you leave.

After a day at the beach club we went back to our villa and enjoyed the barbecue that the staff prepared for us, in our own backyard. That was not just a nice dinner, it was an experience: exotic fruits, refreshing salad, soup, grilled sea food, amazing company and good conversation. We were all so happy. And after all this great food we played Heads Up. Hilarious!

Our last day was pretty amazing too. The day started with a traditional Balinese massage and mani-pedi for some of us, followed by packing and having lunch at Nuri’s pork ribs. Huge portions of pork ribs, Indonesian beer and desert. That was the naughty package. If you want to see something fun, order a cocktail! The staff will shake it in front of you. 😉

We then visited Tanah Lot, a place of pilgrimage, where you can visit a temple that sits on a large rock, right by the ocean. Also, it’s a good place to buy cheap souvenirs if you know how to bargain. Our next stop was at 27 Oceans, a cool place right outside of a shopping mall, where some of tables and chairs were in the water. So we enjoyed our drinks with our feet in the water. I have to say it was pretty cool and refreshing, although a bit itchy after a while. Totally random and memorable.

And that was the ending of our trip. It was an unforgettable experience and I’m thankful I got to share it with Cristina, Ed, Lynn and Sharmini. I bet there are more interesting things to do and see in Bali, but for us this was perfection.

Although I truly enjoyed my friends’ company and I am grateful for this fantastic trip, I did miss my husband. But that’s why we’re both going to Bali in less than 2 months.

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