My Faux Birthday

One of the things I will definitely miss when I leave Singapore (besides the company of my friends) is the vast array of restaurant choices. The food here is great and this island is that place where you don’t want to and you can’t lose weight. So whatever you choose, you will always find great places where you can enjoy some of the best dishes in the world.

After a long day in the office and an intense workout, my friend and I decided to go out and have a nice steak for dinner. Just so you know, salad was our first option. So we went to an American steakhouse. Just for fun, we mentioned that we’re celebrating a birthday when we made the reservation online.

A pretty long walk later, we finally get to this really nice restaurant. Jazz music in the background, dimmed lights, delicious aromas… We’re seated at a table with some kind of sparkly confetti on it and when we took a quick look at the menu, it said “Happy Birthday!’. The members of the staff dropped by our table to congratulate the birthday girl. Since my friend pointed at me, it seemed like I was the birthday girl. After at least 4 Happy Birthday wishes and handshakes, we find out that we also have a complementary desert. My birthday cake! 🙂

The steak was amazing, the wine was great and having people drop by our table to wish me Happy Bday made it so much more amusing. We couldn’t stop giggling for one second.

Then my chocolate lava cake arrives with a candle on top and all of a sudden, someone is taking a picture of me and my friend. I made a wish and blew the candle, of course. A few minutes later a member of the staff brings me a birthday card with the picture they had just taken. Man, they really wanted to make it a memorable celebration. And indeed it was! I have my card to prove it. 🙂

It all started with “why don’t we select birthday here?” as a joke, and ended up by celebrating my first faux birthday. My real one is in a month, so I hope I can have an experience that’s at least as fun as this one.

Thank you, Janice for being here on my ‘special day’!



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