How 8 Months Flew By

Here I am, on my way home, in an airport, reflecting on my beautiful journey in Singapore.

It’s been an amazing experience, with lots of laughter, homesick moments and intense work. I will probably come back and write here about the things and places I discovered, but did not have time to tell you about earlier.

This is the place where I made friends for life, and I really enjoyed every moment with them. From watching a movie and sneaking in some booze at the cinema, to a great trip together, from adventures with crazy taxi drivers, to rich meals with unimaginable variety and quantities of food.

A few people asked what is my favorite place in Singapore – I can’t answer to this question, because I don’t have just 1 place that I love here. I love some touristy places, those with a great view of the city, and the places where I created beautiful memories with my friends. It can be the Singapore Flyer, 1 Altitude bar, Pan Pacific, a beach at Sentosa…

Another question was about the things I will miss the most. I will definitely miss spending time with my friends and having them around all the time. I know I’ll miss the food and that’s why half of my luggage consists of sweets, spices, snacks, sauces and a bunch of other ingredients. It will taste different, but at least I have a small part of Asia in my kitchen. I’ll see what I can do to import durian in Romania; or at least some mangosteens. It’s an untapped opportunity. And yes, I will miss living in a serviced apartment in the heart of the city.

I always wanted to live overseas for a period of time, and I made it happen. Fortunately, it was much better than I imagined it would be.

So long, Singapore! See you soon, I hope!



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