The Sky is NOT the Limit


Today I was reminded the story of Icarus. In a nutshell, this is the myth: in order to escape from prison, Icarus’s dad, Daedalus, made a set of wings for him and his son, to fly out of prison. There were affixed with wax, so Daedalus warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sun. But, as any of us, Icarus was so curious and so fascinated by his new ability to fly, that he disobeyed his father. As you can imagine, his flight near the sun melted the wax and so he lost his wings. In the end, he tumbled into the sea and died.

What do we learn from this?

That if we don’t obey the parent, something bad is going to happen. Or that if we don’t play by the rules, we tumble into the sea and die. If we live our dream (of flying close to the sun), there are consequences (the negative kind).

But there’s a missing part in the story: Daedalus also told his son not to fly too close to the sea, because it was just as dangerous.

History often alters the myths, the truth and the stories. This altered myth is meant only to remind us that we cannot stand up or stand out. That we have to obey, to be like a cogwheel and to play nicely. By the rules, of course.

I’m not the anarchist kind. I’m more like the artist kind: love beautiful things, free critical thinking, asking questions and questioning the status quo.

If you choose the safe option, be it a job, a constant pay check or not leaving your hometown, think that this option may not be the safest. Because flying low is just as dangerous as flying too high. When you settle for low expectations, think how dangerous it is for you, your identity and your future.

In today’s world we can fly as high as we wish. We have all the means to be the artists of our lives and too often we disregard this.

Next time you ask yourself “Should I do this?”, just don’t. Just do it. And remember, the sky is NOT the limit. You are.


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