Ugly Duckling – Reinterpreted by Geoff Burch

While reading the book Self-Made Me, by Geoff Burch, I came across a very insightful reinterpretation of the Ugly Duckling, the story we all know. Without any further comment, here’s the excerpt, that I find really inspirig.

The story of the Ugly Duckling has always fascinated me. It seems to suggest that whilst ugly and rejected by the other ducks, one day you will wake up and become a beutiful accepted member of the group, but the truth is that didn’t happen. The ugly duckling, altough always wanting to be accepted as a duck, woke up and found he was something entirely different – he was a swan. He has to find happiness by leaving his duck aspirations behind and becoming a successful swan. He did find pride and happiness, but he never became a duck and the ducks that he left behind probably hated and feared him. 

Have you ever thought that the group of ducks is the staff in your company, that your purpose may be slightly (or very) different than the others’? Your duty is to embrace the fact that you are different, a swan, and to follow your true goals in life. Stop becoming someone else, stop doing the things you hate. Just be a swan!

PS: the post is in English as I didn’t want to alter in any way GB’s text


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