Lessons Learned from my Mentors

In the past months I gave a lot of thought to my career trajectory: successful moves so far, how to prepare for the next step, how to become better at what I do. As I was going through this mental exercise, I realized the importance of my mentors and of the lessons I learned from them. I don’t know the correct definition of a mentor; in fact I don’t know if there even is one.

For me a mentor is that person that is genuinely interested in my development as a person and a professional, with significant life and work experience under their belt, a good listener ready to give advice and answers to my silly questions without judging, and capable of seeing a situation or problem that I may be dealing with from a different angle. A mentor will also help me push my limits and discover new things about what I can do and achieve. It all may sound simple, but it’s not that easy to find these great folks to support you. If during your first meeting with your new mentor he says: “think of me as your father: you can brag or complain. I’m not your manager.”, you know you hit the jackpot.

And there are a few things or lessons if you want, that stuck with me throughout the years. These are true landmarks that I go back to when I feel lost or overwhelmed or when I don’t know where to start (a task, a project, a new job…).

1. Have authentic conversations. Be genuine and people will respond in a similar way. Don’t just scratch the surface, the essence is underneath. Listed actively, ask meaningful questions, be there, grounded in the conversation. You will discover a new world, and maybe, a new person in front of you.

2. Create your own experiences. Do not wait for people to tell you what to do. Choose where you want to make an impact and take the lead. You own your job, career and life.

3. Think about how you want to be perceived by others and present yourself like that in everything you do, be it a slide, a conversation, a meeting or a formal review. You can transform yourself, discover new abilities and become that person you want to be.

This is not all I learned from these wise people that play such an important role in my life, but these 3 things are constantly in my mind. And this is what helped me find and shape my path. I can only hope it will help you find yours as well.

Your Path


What’s Your Mission?

The other days I found an interesting short film with Howard Schultz. He was telling a story about one of his employees at Starbucks.

This 1 minute film impressed me so much as I was thinking of all my friends and colleagues who spend 8,9, 10 or more hours a day at work, and still they feel like they don’t make a difference. They work because they have to, they make presentations because they were told to do so, and not because their work contributes to the service or product delivered to the final customer.

There are great stories like this one, there are a lot of people who know that extraordinary effort and commitment are key ingredients for achieving success.

When you have a job, you have a mission.

What’s your mission?

Click on the picture to see the film.

Cum sa-ti cauti job folosind Social Media

In ultimele zile am tot primit CV-uri si solicitari de recomandari, desi nu mai fac recrutare de ceva timp. Apreciez insa abordarile ce denota profesionalism, mesajele personalizate si sinceritatea.

Asa ca m-am gandit sa impartasesc un alt infografic despre cum sa-ti gasesti un job folosind retelele de socializare. Sper sa fie de folos celor care se afla in cautarea unui loc de munca.

Pentru cei care sunt deja maestri in ceea ce priveste LinkedIn am un sfat: exploatati si Twitter, fara a va limita la acesta. Recruiterii bine “conectati” vorbesc despre posturile libere pentru prima data pe Twitter. Si in final, nu uitati de aspectul si informatiile postate pe profilul personal de pe oricare dintre site-urile de socializare. Dar despre asta vorbim intr-un articol ulterior.

Daca ati ratat articolul despre Digital Divas, s-ar putea ca sfaturile Sandrei sa va fie de folos. Mai multe detalii aici.