Inspiration at work

When you go to a conference, you don’t go only to learn something new or just to network with complete strangers. You want to be inspired!

When you go to a training, you will be more likely to start the change process if you are inspired!

When you go on a business trip and have back to back meetings… you’re looking for inspiration.

People who are inspired are better employees, more engaged, more passionate. These employees are the ones that make a real difference, that challenge the status quo. They are the real change agents. They have the thrill, and want to bring it in their everyday life. They’re the ones you want to hire.

When they come back from a training or an event, don’t ask them what they learned; ask them what inspired them, what they would do differently, what they would like to change. Their insights are invaluable, so don’t kill the emotion and creativity by asking the wrong questions. ‘What have you learned?’ is a buzz killer and doesn’t bring value.

I’m ready to change the way I do things because I was inspired by:

  • the technology my company is creating. Printing on all sorts of surfaces is not new, but when I see how millions of items are printed and that each of them is unique, that’s something. When I touch a 3D printed chain, bracelet, or a super detailed item, I get that thrill. And when I see how a picture from my phone is printed on my coffee with milk, I am amazed.
  • my colleagues’ passion. They want to make a difference, they are proud of their work, and they want to share it with everyone. They invent the most amazing things and are so humble. It’s a life lesson!
  • the genuine desire to learn that I see everyday around me. No matter how much experience you have, that real desire to learn something new, that curiosity is contagious.

I love how each trip or new experience enriches my life. This week was working from HP Barcelona office, next week it will be something else. These things make me see everything from a new perspective, and this is what I’ll look for in all new experiences.



Au Inceput Inscrierile la Webstock 2014

Si anul asta merg la Webstock in calitate de blogger acreditat si abia astept sa vad ce noutati mai aflu. Detaliile de inscriere sunt mai jos, iar in cazul in care sunt doritori care nu pot ajunge, multi dintre noi vor face live blogging, iar discutii interesante vor fi si pe Twitter. Trebuie doar sa urmariti #webstockro. Sunt si premii pentru cei care isi inscriu proiectele la Webstock Awards.

Sper sa ne vedem acolo!


Comunitatea online locala isi da intalnire anul acesta la Webstock, cel mai mare eveniment de social media din Romania, ce se va desfasura la JW Marriott Grand Hotel, pe 26 septembrie 2014. Totodata, s-a dat startul inscrierilor la conferinta si a inscrierilor la Webstock Awards, competitia care aduce in prim plan cele mai inedite proiecte din mediul online, lansate in ultimul an, in Romania.

Proiectele si campaniile pot fi inscrise in competitie gratuit in perioada 15 iulie1 septembrie, intr-una din cele 12 categorii ce vor fi jurizate de un grup de practicieni in marketing, comunicare, digital, social media si mobile.

Categoriile anuntate in cadrul acestei editii sunt: Publishing, Utility, Visual, Blogging Campaigns, Special Projects, Facebook Applications, Bloggers Projects, Mobile Applications,  Corporate Blogs, Innovation, Social Campaigns in online, Video blogging.

In competitie pot participa doar proiectele care nu au participat in cadrul editiilor precedente Webstock Awards, iar un proiect poate fi inscris doar intr-o singura categorie. Jurizarea include o etapa de preselectie, ce se va desfasura intre 3-8 septembrie si notarea finala, ce va avea loc in perioada 9-19 septembrie.

Pentru mai multe detalii despre inscrierea proiectelor la Webstock Awards 2014 accesati linkul:


In fiecare an, Webstock ofera oportunitatea bloggerilor si persoanelor din agentii sa intalneasca/reintalneasca reprezentanti ai companiilor prezente la eveniment. Mai mult, evenimentul ofera si oportunitatea de colaborare a acestora.

Iata  de ce nu ar trebui sa ratezi nicio editie a evenimentului:

  1. Webstock este un bun prilej de a reintalni prieteni din industria comunicarii si social media, de a face cunostiinta cu persoane pe care le cunosti doar din online, dar si de a bate palma cu diverse companii pe care vrei sa le cunosti mai bine. Webstock este unul dintre acele evenimente la care faci schimb de cel putin 40 de carti de vizita de-a lungul zilei.
  2. SUBIECTE. Timp de o zi, conferintele si cele trei micro-evenimente specializate aduc in prim plan cele mai actuale subiecte din indutrie. Pasionatii de comunicare, de mobile, de blogging si social media vor asista la o serie de prezentari cu informatii utile si se vor lasa inspirati si motivati de catre vorbitorii evenimentului.
  3. TENDINTELE.INDUSTRIEI. Unii dintre cei mai cunoscuti specialisti din domeniu vor aduce in prim plan tendintele care conteaza acum in comunicare si social media. Participantii vor afla care sunt oportunitatile momentului si cum sa faca fata provocarilor mai mult sau mai putin neasteptate.


Modalitatile de participare la eveniment sunt numeroase si anul acesta. Webstock va reuni atat bloggeri interesati de social media, cat si bloggeri specializati pe diverse domenii si, in acelasi timp, va oferi posibilitatea de participare creatorilor de aplicatii si proiecte web & mobile. In acelasi timp, Webstock rezerva un numar de locuri pentru oamenii din agentii si companii care doresc sa interactioneze cu comunitatea online.

Pentru inscrieri accesati linkul acesta:

Pentru a fi la curent cu stirile despre Webstock, urmariti atat site-ul, cat si contul dedicat de pe Twitter ( sau pe pagina de Facebook (


Despre Evensys

Cu peste 8 ani de experienta in dezvoltarea de conferinte si seminarii proprii, Evensys ( organizeaza in acest moment o paleta larga de evenimente, ce trateaza tematici actuale, relevante atat pentru industria de business locala, cat si pentru cea din Europa Centrala si de Est. Astfel, Evensys dezvolta conferinte si seminarii proprii, ce acopera 5 arii de expertiza: Marketing & Comunicare, Internet & New Media, Financiar & Investitii, Real Estate si Retail.

Persoana de contact:

Andreea-Cristina Mielu

PR & Marketing Coordinator, Evensys

Str. Pictor Ion Negulici, nr.32, sect.1, Bucuresti

Tel: 0733.041.005 ; email: ;

How 8 Months Flew By

Here I am, on my way home, in an airport, reflecting on my beautiful journey in Singapore.

It’s been an amazing experience, with lots of laughter, homesick moments and intense work. I will probably come back and write here about the things and places I discovered, but did not have time to tell you about earlier.

This is the place where I made friends for life, and I really enjoyed every moment with them. From watching a movie and sneaking in some booze at the cinema, to a great trip together, from adventures with crazy taxi drivers, to rich meals with unimaginable variety and quantities of food.

A few people asked what is my favorite place in Singapore – I can’t answer to this question, because I don’t have just 1 place that I love here. I love some touristy places, those with a great view of the city, and the places where I created beautiful memories with my friends. It can be the Singapore Flyer, 1 Altitude bar, Pan Pacific, a beach at Sentosa…

Another question was about the things I will miss the most. I will definitely miss spending time with my friends and having them around all the time. I know I’ll miss the food and that’s why half of my luggage consists of sweets, spices, snacks, sauces and a bunch of other ingredients. It will taste different, but at least I have a small part of Asia in my kitchen. I’ll see what I can do to import durian in Romania; or at least some mangosteens. It’s an untapped opportunity. And yes, I will miss living in a serviced apartment in the heart of the city.

I always wanted to live overseas for a period of time, and I made it happen. Fortunately, it was much better than I imagined it would be.

So long, Singapore! See you soon, I hope!